The Pep Club
The Pep Club
Trixie Hunter-Merrill

Welcome to The Pep Club

Learn how to take your “Expertise” to Create Residual (Passive) Income via E-books & E-Courses

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About Me

Do you have questions you would love to have answered? Would you like to learn some life hacks, entrepreneur tips, and tricks?

Maybe you would love to have access to an insider community for Entrepreneurs? 

Maybe you would love to have access to a community for those who want to earn passive income and learn how?

Or maybe you would like to receive tips and tricks on a monthly basis?

Through my life as an Entrepreneur, I have learned many things, many tips, many tools, and many ideas. I want to share all of them with you! Ask me anything. If I can’t find it or figure it out I will tell you. If I have a connection, I will give it to you. If I have a referral, I will send it your way. Many say my life is too full, but I say my life is well lived. I savor life. I devour life. I live my life for me. I am who I am.

I am me.

I am Trisha Trixie. 

Why am I the one for you? Because I have lived, I have suffered, I have overcome, I have succeeded, I have been empowered and now I desire to empower you.

Let me help you that you were meant to be.

Help me to help you along your journey in life towards Fabulousness!

Why You Should Join Me

Get ready for choc full of tips and tricks coming your way! 

A fabulous private community

A free E-Book Workbook

A free E-Course (Coming Soon)

Individual access to me (your Guru)

So much more!

A Big Thanks

Thank you for trusting me and allowing me to help you along your journey! What a glorious ride this will be!


If you would like to see what else I support and offer, please check out my Patreon account

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